Division of Mathematical Science, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering Science

Mathematical science is the science in which mathematical and statistical models are constructed, developed mathematically and diagnosed empirically in order to understand practical phenomena which occur in the fields of natural science, social science, technology, biology and so forth. For the purpose, one needs to utilize computers with advanced levels to make computer simulations, computer graphics and to develop algorithms, among others. This area consists of two large groups. One is a group of applied mathematics and the other a group of statistical science, each having two smaller subgroups. In this area, emphasis is placed on research and education of differential equations, mathematical physics, statistical analysis and data science.


Area of Mathematical Modelling

The Area of Mathematical Modelling comprised of the following two research groups is concerned with research and education of mathematical theory and applications on modelling phenomena occurred in several fields of natural science, social science and engineering.

Differential Equation Group
 Prof.:  Takayuki KOBAYASHI
Assoc.Prof.: Satoshi MASAKI
Assis.Prof.: Hajime KOBA
Here we study nonlinear partial differential equations appearing in the various fields of Mathematical Sciences. For example, we are focusing on the following topics:

  1. LASER beam propagation in a nonlinear medium.
  2. Bifurcation analysis to infinite dimensional dynamical systems and its application to pattern formation problem.
  3. Development of computational topology methods applied to dynamical system theories.

Applied Analysis Group
 Prof.: Michinori ISHIWATA
Assoc.Prof.: Takahiro OKABE
Assis.Prof.: Hajime KOBA
This group is engaged in the following study and education.

  1. Mathematical formulation of problems in natural science, engineering,economics,and medical science based on physical principle and phenomena.
  2. Numerical simulation, numerical scheme, and mathematical analysis based on the theory of partial differential equations and nonlinear functional analysis.
  3. Investigation of mathematical structure for self-interacting particles and biological functions such as the kinetic equation,system of chemotaxis, and tumour growth model.
Area of Statistical Science

Statistical Analysis Group
 Prof.: Joe SUZUKI
 Assoc.Prof.: Fuyuhiko TANAKA
 Assis.Prof.: Kosuke MORIKAWA

(Sorry, under preparation)

Data Science Research Group
  Prof.: Yutaka KANO
 Assoc.Prof.: Etsuo HAMADA
 Assis.Prof.: Kosuke MORIKAWA
An important purpose of multivariate analysis is to identify any relations among many variables based on statistical data. The recent topics in this field are new modeling and statistical causal inference. In this research group, we apply mathematics and computers extensively to study structural equation modeling,graphical modeling,and independent component analysis as well as survival analysis in biostatistics. Our research includes methodological and application aspects.