Course of Mathematical Science, Department of Information and Computer Science, School of Engineering Science

This course consists of three research areas, namely, mathematical models, statistical science, and mathematical and statistical finance. Mathematical science aims at understanding practical phenomena by constructing and analyzing mathematical models. For the purpose, we extensively utilize advanced mathematics and computers such as computer simulations, computer graphics, and developing several algorithms. In this course, emphasis is placed on research and education of differential equations, applied analysis, statistical analysis, data sciences, statistical inference, probabilistic modelling, and stochastics and mathematical finance.


Area of Mathematical Modelling

Differential Equation Group
 Prof.: Takayuki KOBAYASHI
 Assoc.Prof.: Satoshi MASAKI
 Assis.Prof.: Hajime KOBA

Applied Analysis Group
 Prof.: Michinori ISHIWATA
Assoc.Prof.: Takahiro OKABE
 Assis.Prof.: Hajime KOBA

Area of Statistical Science

Statistical Analysis Group
 Prof.: Joe SUZUKI
 Assoc.Prof.: Fuyuhiko TANAKA
 Assis.Prof.: Kosuke MORIKAWA 

Data Science Research Group
 Prof.: Yutaka KANO
 Assoc.Prof.: Yoshikazu TERADA
 Assis.Prof.: Kosuke MORIKAWA

Area of Mathematical and Statistical Finance

Research Group of Statistical Inference
■ Prof.: Masayuki UCHIDA
 Assoc.Prof.: Kengo KAMATANI  
 Assis.Prof.: Kohei CHIBA

Research Group of Mathematical Modeling in Finance
■ Prof.: Jun SEKINE
Assoc.Prof.: Hidehiro KAISE
Assis.Prof.: Kei NOBA

Research Group of Stochastic Analysis
 Prof.: Masaaki FUKASAWA
Assis.Prof.: Nobuaki NAGANUMA