Lectures and Classes

[Past Lectures]
Chemotaxis, The blowup envelope, Mean field theories and dual variation, Closed dissipative systems
Scaling and duality
Gauge theory
the Liouville-Gel'fand problem, Toda system, Chern-Simons gauge theory
Self-interacting particles and fluid
Self-Interacting Particles, Self-gravitating fluid, Equilibrium vortices
Mathematical Medicine
Parallel optimization, System of tumor
Intensive Course
* For more information, please contact suzuki (atmark) sigmath.es.osaka-u.ac.jp.

[Master Courses]
1. Topics in Mathematical Science Note(Octber 10th) , Note(Octber 17th) updated 10/11/08
Report1 , Report2 , Report3 updated 10/11/12
2. 2.Advanced Course in Mathematical Science lecture , report
Intensive Courses
1. Intensive Courses at in Naples Federico II University note1 , note2 , note3 update 11/04/07